Bitcoin/Altcoin Payments On Our Store

Why we want to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

1) Banks  and competitors can’t force us to stop selling our products. It removes the banks from the process entirely so the seller and buyer only needs each other’s permission, NOT a 3rd party. This is called decentralization.

2) Low transaction fees. Cryptocurrency transaction fees are very low compared with the multitude of fees that banks charge for processing, banking, etc. This is a threat to the large banks and remittance companies.

3) It IS going to replace the banks and be adopted by the mainstream. It’s only a matter of time.  Maybe 2-3 years. The fiat money system has almost reached it’s end of it’s life.  Might as well get involved now.

4) Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have a built in inflation control mechanism, unlike the Dollar which is being printed into infinity, reducing the value of your Dollar. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoins.

5) Bitcoin is not a debt based system like the Dollar. There will be no 21+ Trillion national debt to use it. If you own it, nobody else has a claim to it. It’s written on an open ledger (called a block-chain) where millions of computers agree, you own your Bitcoin free and clear.

6) I would love to see my customers benefit from this windfall as well. What’s good for you financially is also good for us.

20% Discount for using ANY Cryptocurrency

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How to Buy Bitcoin

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin I found is to buy it from You can buy from someone locally with cash or you can buy from someone in your country via many payment options. It’s kind of like Ebay in that buyers and sellers can give each other feedback. That way you can tell who has a trustworthy reputation.

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