24 Shot Pro Combo + Module 12″ Inch


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  • Two 12 shot mortar rack with 24 HDPE DR11 (1.91″ inner diameter) 12″ long mortar tubes.
  • 12-cue wireless firing system which includes three programmable 4-cue wireless modules and 12 button remote. Modules can be programed to fire cues 1-12 separately or to fire cues from multiple modules at once. Modules can also be programed to the DBRO1-X Master Remote for even greater expansion. Requires 12 – AA batteries for modules and 1 – A23 battery for the remote
  • Two 12 packs (24) of Clip Igniters 3 meters long.
  • Two 100 pack of black zip ties 4in long and rated to hold up to 18 lbs. If you would like a different color of zip tie please note in order comments.
  • Two 20ft roll of 30sec/ft fuse. This slower-burning fuse is great for fusing fountains, multi-shot cakes, and 500 grams. 3mm in diameter. If you would like a different speed of fuse please note in order comments.


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Weight23 kg
Dimensions50.8 × 40.6 × 35.56 cm


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