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Glock 23 – .40S&W Gen 4


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The Glock 23 is the mid-size or compact .40 caliber handgun. Compact dimensions for open and concealed carry, minimum weight despite large magazine capacity in .40 caliber. This and the reliability of the Glock pistol known throughout the world, which was demonstrated through tests and widespread use by US law enforcement agencies, were decisive arguments for the FBI and countless police authorities for introducing the Glock 23 as their official service pistol. Now you can own this same gun for your self-defense, personal protection, competition and target practice.

Standard models come with two 13-round magazines.
Gen 4 models come with three 13-round magazines.
CA/HI/MA/NY models come with two 10-round magazines.
Gen4 models currently cannot be sold into California except for certified Law Enforcement officers.


Length: 6.85 inches
Height: 5.00 inches
Width: 1.18 inches
Barrel Length: 4.02 inches
Weight: 21.16 oz unloaded

We can customize and install parts for you at no charge and ship the gun fully assembled and ready to shoot. Just add the parts to your shopping cart and please make a note in the comments section providing us with any details or special requests.


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