Heizer Defense PKO-45 Copperhead .45 ACP Semi Auto Pistol 2.75″ Barrel 7 Rounds Stainless Steel with Copper/Stainless Finish



The Heizer Defense PKO-45 single action semi-automatic Pocket .45 is an impressive option for deep carry or light weight concealment. This is the ideal choice when holster carry is not applicable and deep cover pocket or ankle carry are called for. The Heizer Defense PKO-45 brings multiple rounds of hard hitting .45 ACP in an easy to control micro-compact pistol. It features a unique fixed barrel under guide rod configuration with a reversed guide rod spring. This innovative design means a lower bore axis for greater accuracy and less felt recoil for better control. Fewer moving parts and a straight feed make it extremely reliable and less ammo sensitive for flawless performance. It’s constructed with a durable stainless steel frame, fixed sights, an 8 pound single action trigger, and a loaded chamber indicator. With a thumb safety and front strap grip safety, this is one of the safest pocket pistols on the market.

The two main issues concealed carry permit holders are constantly trying to address are concealment and stopping power. With the PKO-45 you have both in spades plus it gives you the capacity you need in an emergency situation. The snag free frame, diminutive dimensions, and lightweight design ensure that if you need a carry gun, you will have the Heizer Defense “Pocket .45” on hand. This is the perfect protection for jogging, neighborhood walks, or working out. Feel safe to carry when hiking, fishing or anytime and nearly anywhere you are legally allowed to carry. Don’t do without because of weight or wardrobe, pick up and carry a Heizer Defense PKO-45 Pocket .45 single action semi-auto and never be unarmed again.

Specifications and Features:
Heizer Defense PKO-45 Copperhead Pocket 45 CKH45COP
Single Action Semi Aut omatic Handgun .45 ACP
One 7 Round and One 5 Round Magzine
2.75″ Stainless Steel Barrel
Stainless Steel Slide and Frame
Snag Free Design with Rounded Edges
Fixed Fiber Optic Sights
8 lb Trigger Pull
Internal Hammer
Loaded Chamber Indicator
Ambidextrous Manual Thumb Safety
Front Strap Grip Safety
Two Tone Copper/Stainless Finish
Overall Length 6.1″
Width 0.8″
Height 4.25″
Weight 26 oz


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