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This frame is designed as an 80% frame, and includes all the necessary end mill bits and drill bits, along with the Jig to assist completing your pistol project accurately. The frame accepts Glock17 9mm slides, as well as the Glock 40 caliber slide.


Feel the difference the second you pick up the Polymer80 Glock Pistol Frame! The Polymer80 PF940v2 features a rock solid pistol frame, injection molded from a fully automated system that was two years in the making. The pistol frame comes with everything that you need to start your next pistol build including; Polymer frame, Plastic Jig, and tooling kit.
The Polymer 80 PF940v2 Pistol Frame is compatible with Gen 3, 3-pin: 9mm Glock 17, 34, 17L.  .40S&W Glock 22, 35, 24.   357SIG use .40S&W Slide Glock 31, 35, 24
Unlike the Glock, this frame includes a uniquely extended beaver-tail, and most notably a super tactical 1911 pistol grip rather than the standard Glock styled pistol grip. Even better, this pistol grip includes a built in flared magwell for speed loading. This feature will surely be a favorite amongst competition shooters who require speed and accuracy.
The Smith and Wesson 40cal slide is also compatible with the Sig357 barrel configuration, which essentially gives you 3 different calibers to choose from.

The areas that need to be milled out to complete this project include:

  • The barrel bridge
  • The top rails of the receiver
  • The slide guide rails
 Once completed, you insert the custom locking block which comes with the kit, it provides additional metallic rails up front
This system is designed as a complete glock kit. There’s NO expensive jig kits and parts to purchase – Polymer80’s Spectre system is a COMPLETE, all inclusive package in one price! The jig is included in the price of this system. The kit comes with drill bits and the end mill bit that’s required to finish your Glock project the right way.


  • No FFL required
  • All bits and parts included
  • Unique textured grip
  • Built in flared magwell
  • Extended beaver-tail
  • Lifetime warranty
Check out Polymer 80 Pistol  Video  for complete product overview.


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